World Wide Production News...
West Coast Production News is geared
towards everyone from caterers,
Makeup Artists, Costume and Set
Designers, Assistant Directors and
Production Assistants. When you watch
a movie and the credits roll at the end
West Coast Production News probably
helped match those individuals to that
production and can help you as well.
West Coast Production News Is World Wide Production News

Production Leads by West Coast Production News are the most detailed and comprehensive leads in the
business. West Coast Production News is one of the original pre-production listings agencies  and has
been in business for over 15 years!  Why trust anyone else?

Production Leads are available every week. The new issues include everything going into pre-production
such as

Feature Films
Television Series’
Movies of The Week

Listings are kept in the publication for four weeks or until they have hired all of their crew. We keep our
listing updated, so you know what jobs are still available!
West Coast Production News began in 1994 and since then, our price has remained the same. We strive to keep our prices lower than our
competitors, because we understand that during these hard times, you shouldn’t have to pay top dollar to get a job.
Every week, our staff calls the
production offices looking for start
dates, location changes and current
production offices.  We keep our
listings up to date so that you don’t
have to!
Not only do we list production leads on The West Coast, but we also include listings from all over the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia and
anywhere in between! We provide the most detailed listings, at the best price! Get in touch with us and we’ll help you get a job with our detailed and
comprehensive production leads!
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